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Innovative knit structure provides gradient compression to promote the healing process. Anatomical contouring supports natural motion of the ankle and provides and exceptional fit. Comfortable, non-constricting top and bottom cuffs. Medical-grade silicone inserts provide targeted compression and massage surrounding soft tissues to help reduce swelling. Constructed with moisture-wicking fibers, this premium ankle support is a lightweight, breathable alternative to neoprene. Reinforced heel.


  • Color & Size - White & Gray Small
  • Anti-Slip cuffs for a secure fit with no constriction
  • 3D anatomic fit simulating human ankle for good wearing comfort
  • Gradient compression of the advanced knitting structure improves blood circulation during movement, promoting the healing process
  • Anatomic inserts gently massage the ankle area for the reduction of swelling and targeted pain relief
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking material

BSN-7588902 Jobst Prolite 3D Ankle Support

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