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Mother nature holds many small miracles. One of these miracles is the nourishing properties of natural active ingredients. The intensively nourishing 7 Wild Herbs products and their special Wild Herbs-Extract a special active ingredient containing the 7 treasures of nature, provides perfectly cared for feet this Spring.

Fast absorbing foot balm especially for callused areas. Allantoin, glycerin and panthenol provide moisture. Containing the special 7 Wild Herbs- Extract. The 25 percent urea it contains provides velvety soft feet.

LCN Foot Splash - 7 wild Herbs

SKU: LCN65027
  • Lemon-Melissa-Extract is considered an anti-oxidative
    Sage-Extract is considered an anti-oxidative, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
    Stinging nettle-Extract is considered an anti-oxidative as well as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
    Rosemary-Extract has an anti- inflammatory and purifying effect
    True hops-Extract nurtures the skin intensively
    Field horsetail- Extract has a skin tightening, blood flow stimulating and astringent effect
    Chamomile-Extract has an anti-irritating, disinfecting and soothing effect

    UREA occurs naturally in the skin, and products containing urea can be used to help treat severe dryness. Urea helps to maintain pH balance, and aids in preserving the moisture content of a product after it has been opened Products that contain urea are recommended for treating skin conditions such as eczema, ichthyosis, xeroderma, hyperkeratosis and dandruff. Urea penetrates the top layer of the skin and increases water retention, thus providing relief to dry skin. Urea has a high nitrogen content which is useful to the cosmetic industry. Creams contain urea because it helps to moisturize and nourish skin. In addition to providing nitrogen, a necessary ingredient to treating rough, dry skin, urea is also antibacterial and antimicrobial.

    ALLANTOIN acts as a lubricant on the skin surface, which gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance. Allantoin is a valuable cell proliferating healing agent that stimulates new tissue growth. A superb anti-irritant, allantoin is healing, soothing and non-allergenic. Allantoin is also known skin softener, cleaning up damaged tissue where applied.

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