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 **Antifungal & Nail Renewal Solution is the only antifungal, cosmetic, and nail renewal treatment, all in one product. It is available without a prescription and dispensed exclusively through physicians.

It is the only antifungal product of any kind that combines GDA approved antifungal medication with cosmetic and nail renewal agents in a low molecular weight, low surface tension base. These agents are proven to rapidly soften thin brittle thickened nails and normalize the color of darkened, discolored nails.

The renewal agents and vitamins within the formulation also moisturize and revitalize nails, while promoting healthy nail growth and appearance. The antifungal agent tolnaftate can also prevent fungal infections and reinfections. The patented delivery system is user-friendly and the applicator tip controls flow while effectively dispensing medication on, around, and under the nails.


**Fungus - Athlete's foot topical medication. Athlete's feet, Direct contact with Fungus from outside     envirnmental souces or direct Fungal introduction to the toenail(s) by way of unsanitized instruments are the primary ways of infecting the toenails with fungus. The same organisms that cause Athlete's feet also cause Fungus toenails. Treat both with this bonus package.


** Antimicrobial Shoe Spray is the first shoe spray to combine colloidal silver and undecylenic acid in a single formulation. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties making it effective at eliminating foot odor and preventing fungal growth. The active silver ions can penetrate the leather and insoles to effectively keep footwear microbe-free over an extended period. Antimicrobial Shoe Spray is safe, non-toxic and contains no fragrance or dyes. It is hypoallergenic and rapidly dries, leaving no oily residue.

Fungus Toenail Removal Package

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