What is it:
The relief dose drop delivers a precise blend of soothing cbd & cbg cannabinoids in a high-concentration tincture formula to help ease aches and pains. The dose drop tincture is specifically formulated to be placed under the tongue and features our innovative nanoblend™ technology developed to help increase bioavailability, absorption and faster onset. The dose drop system provides you with a familiar and measured way to experience our dosist health relief formula.

Good for:
Help with physical aches and pains, overall physical relaxation and general neck, shoulder, back, knee and elbow inflammation.

How to use:
For a single dose, drop 0.25ml of formula under your tongue and hold for 15 seconds to activate before swallowing. Onset usually begins within 15 minutes. Repeat as desired.

Total cannabinoid content


cbd to cbn ratio

cbd: 750mg : cbg: 150mg

Dosist Relief Dose Drop