The Etac Folding Stocking Aid is designed to help the user put on long or short stockings, slippers or socks quickly and easily. the lightweight, foldable Swedish design allows the user to slip the sock or stocking over the fabric frame. Next, the user can insert their foot and pull the cord handle to raise the stocking. With the Etac Folding Stocking Aid slip-on your socks and stocking easier than ever, and with less work involved!

Etac Folding Stocking Aid

    • Lightweight, foldable Swedish aid for long or short stockings, slippers or socks
    • Designed to allow those with limited mobility or flexibility to pull-on footwear quickly and easily
    • Made to be used at home, in care facilitates or on-the-go when traveling
    • Requires two hands for use
    • Latex free