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All insoles are sold in pairs.

KidZerts children's 3/4 length arch support insoles were developed to improve the health of children's feet. They are the first to incorporate wear-moldable technology in a children's insole design, a feature that allows the insole to conform to the unique shape of each individual foot to maximize the fit and comfort level. By placing KidZerts insoles into kids' shoes, children will gain better posture and balance all while minimizing foot fatigue, excessive pronation, and discomfort caused by heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and flat feet. Plus, KidZerts insoles have an anti-bacterial top cover that kills more than 650 different types of bacteria to help eliminate foot odor. KidZerts children's 3/4 length arch support insoles are recommended for kids' shoes that do not have removable footbeds, dress and casual shoes, and various athletic cleats such as baseball cleats, soccer cleats, and football cleats.

KZ-Insoles F Kids 3/4 Arch Support Insoles

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