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Features and Benefits

  • Heel posting disks allow for varus/valgus correction
  • Customizable arch height supports medial midfoot
  • 3/4 insole  Supports the arch and captures the calcaneous in comfort
  • Trimmable straps can be adjusted to open/close in a specific position on the leg.
  • Suggested Code: L1906



Lateral Ankle Injuries: (Lateral heel posting)

  • Peroneal injuries
  • Lateral ankle ligament sprains


Medial Ankle Injuries: (Medial heel posting)

  • Deltoid sprains
  • Posterior tibial tendon injuries


Medial Procedures: (Medial arch support to control pronation)

  • Flatfoot reconstruction
  • Lapidus Fusion

MM-31578 Darco Vario ankle Brace (Wide Fit)

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