Maximum Cushioning, Full Support. The Powerstep memory foam insole shoe orthotics combine slow-recovery memory foam with an encapsulated polypropylene arch shell for maximum comfort with full support. Dual-layer cushioning provides targeted and controlled pressure relief. Plush memory foam layer conforms to the shape of the foot for a contoured feeling. These super-soft insoles are ideal for sensitive feet and provide maximum cushioning in a variety of shoes.



  • Plush, slow-recovery memory foam conforms to the shape of the foot
  • Ideal for sensitive feet, pressure relief and fat pad atrophy/degeneration
  • Semi-rigid arch support and heel cradle for increased support and stability in your shoes
  • VCT® Variable Cushioning Technology provides targeted and controlled cushioning with a soft, supportive feel
  • Dual layer cushioning with durable EVA foam base
  • Heat and friction reducing, anti-microbial top fabric
  • Full length, total contact support
  • Moveable from shoe to shoe with no trimming required

PowerStep Memory Foam Insoles

SKU: PS5018
  • MATERIALS • Polypropylene Support Shell • Slow-recovery memory foam, Lime green, 4mm • EVA Base Royal Blue • Polyester fabric top cover with anti-microbial protection, Royal Blue
    FEATURES & BENEFITS • Semi-rigid foot support calibrated with flexibility • Plush memory foam layer conforms to the shape of the foot for added comfort and pressure relief • Friction reducing anti-microbial top fabric INDICATIONS:  Over-Pronation (Mild to Moderate); Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain; Foot, Arch and Heel Pain; Sensitive Feet; Fat Pad Atrophy/Degeneration; Pressure Relief; other common foot conditions
    IDEAL SHOE TYPE: Athletic, Casual, Dress and Work Shoes