Maximum Cushioning, Maximum Support. Our full length wide orthotic shoe inserts have a semi-rigid polypropylene foot support sealed in two layers of foam -- inner VCT® Variable Cushioning Technology foam and a soft EVA outer foam -- that is calibrated for firmer arch support to resist "bottoming out" under weight. The wider profile and stable heel cup better support and better fit wide-width shoes, while the permanent heat and friction-reducing top fabric with anti-microbial qualities combats foot odor and helps keep feet drier. Color: Gray. Fits widths 3E-6E.

  • Full length orthotic arch support insoles with maximum cushioning and maximum support
  • Firmer arch support to resist “bottoming-out”
  • Deep heel cup helps stabilize and protect the heel
  • VCT® cushioning top layer and EVA foam base
  • Wide orthotic shoe inserts fit widths 3E to 6E
  • Heat and friction reducing anti-microbial top fabric

PowerStep Wide Fit

SKU: PS5017
  • MATERIALS • Polypropylene Support Shell - Firmer support • Polyester fabric top cover with anti-microbial protection, Gray • VCT® - Variable Cushioning Technology Foam, 1/8”, Gray • EVA base layer, Shore A 40, Gray
    FEATURES & BENEFITS  Semi-rigid support shell calibrated for firmer arch support to resist “bottoming out” under weight  Deep heel cup to stabilize and protect the heel during landing  Wider profile to better fit wide-width shoes, 3E - 6E  Double-layer, low-profile cushioning for enhanced comfort  Friction reducing anti-microbial top fabric
    INDICATIONS:  Those Needing Firmer, Heavier-Weight Support; Wide Feet; OverPronation (Mild); Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain; Foot, Arch and Heel Pain; Calluses; Hammertoes and Claw Toe; Bunions; Neuromas; Ankle and Knee Pain; Metatarsalgia
    IDEAL SHOE TYPE:  Wide Shoes from 3E-6E, Comfort or Athletic Shoes, Therapeutic Shoes, Casual Lace Up Shoes