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Sole Custom Footbed’s Thin Sport Model replaces Sole’s Slim Sport as their new and even thinner arch support insole (a full 10% thinner than the Sole Slim Sport Footbed).The Sole Footbed Thin Sport model is a great insole for people who need extra support but don’t like the feel of hard plastic in their arch supports. The Sole Footbed Thin Sport arch support is different from the Sole Ultra and the Sole Regular Footbed in that it is thinner and takes up considerably less room in a shoe than any of Sole’s other models. This is an idea insole for people with wide feet, but it is also ideal for wearing in shoes such as cleats or casual shoes that have either a very thin removable insole or no removable insoles at all.

SOLETHINSPORT SOLE Thin Sport Arch Support Insoles

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