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Winter foot care. Keeping warm and Moisturized

The Cold Winter air can be brutal to our skin. It is very important to moisture the feet and body daily with a cream that is not predominantly composed of water. In addition, keeping the feet warm from the exposure is just as important. Foot Care Source Usa has many products that can assist you with these common problems. Thorlos Socks are one of the best Brands on the market for keeping the skin warm and dry. In addition they are padded at the heel and forefoot for extra comfort. Thorlos socks are produced for every activity so be sure to choose the correct type. We have Thorlos socks for Skiing, Hiking, Running and much more. In regard to keeping the skin moisturized during the brutal winter, try Foot Care Source Usa's Professional skin creams which are easily absorbed and long lasting. There is an entire section to choose from entitled "Cold Feet" to allow you to enjoy the great outdoors while the temperatures are below freezing. All products are approved by a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.


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