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Heel cups are sold in pairs.


KidZerts children's heel cups are podiatrist recommended for relieving heel pain and discomfort all while supporting healthy growing feet. These low profile children's heel cups fit in any shoe and are contoured to comfortably hold the heel in place for added stability. Made of EVA semi firm foam rubber and a polyester anti-bacterial top cover, KidZerts heel cups prevent odor and kill over 650 different types of bacteria. A polyurethane heel plug offers excellent shock absorption and heel protection during high impact activities that involve running and jumping. KidZerts heel cups are also highly recommended for children ages 8 to 14 who are at risk for developing Sever's Disease, one of the most frequent causes of heel pain in children, which occurs when the growth plate in the heel bone is irritated or inflamed. Upgrade your children's shoes and protect their growing feet with KidZerts children's heel cups.

KZ-Heel Cup Large Insoles

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