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  • 3/4 length foot bed made of vegetable tanned leather

  • Firm but flexible moss rubber foot bed is highly adaptive which helps to strengthen the foot’s muscular apparatus

  • Upper surface is made of natural, absorbent materials which provide reliable hygiene, keep the foot dry and allow it to breathe inside the shoe 

A longitudinal arch support helps children's feet because: 

  • Keeps the foot in a natural, balanced position

  • Actively protects the ankle joint


  • Counteracts the deflection and deformation of the longitudinal arch thereby effectively preventing the development of flat feet

  • Supporting material is flexible and adaptive thereby strengthening the foot’s muscular apparatus 


Children's Double Sizes:

Walker       4/5

Walker       6/7

Toddler      8/9 

Toddler      9.5/10 
Toddler      10.5/11 
Little Kid    12/13 
Little Kid    2CH/3L 
Big Kid       4CH/5L 

  • Water-based Adhesives for Sensitive Skin

  • Environmentally Friendly 

  • Awarded APMA Seal of Acceptance

  • Hand Made in Germany

PD-192 Pedag Bambini Insoles

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